Sunday, May 5, 2013

Upside down.

This sure has been an upside down year, fortunately with more upsides than down! I have neglected my writing but thanks to the gentle reminder of a few of my faithful friends/ readers I hope to be back on track and apply myself more regularly. By writing my blog I feel that I record all the wonderful things that happen in my life, I take time to "dwell" on things despite the fast paced life around me plus it is a form of showing gratitude for this life I have been blessed with. So here goes.

The last major event I wrote about was the "FamilyWedding" ...the family being my niece on the King side, Michele. This took place in the beautiful Cape.


What a wonderful setting for a special event such as this. Most of the guests had to fly in from both overseas and from other parts of South Africa. What a pleasure being able to spend time in the Mother city who was on her best behavior weather wise.

As we arrived in Cape Town a week early, we had lots of time to connect with friends and was wonderful to visit Jo and Hessel and also to visit my "second" cousin Cathy Hodges who was visiting with her husband Tony. I think they were so happy to be in Franshoek rather than be in freezing England.


Cathy and I have connected as we both are involved in researching our roots. Her grandmother and my paternal grandmother were sisters so we have a common Great grandmother. Cathy, born in South Africa met and married Tony from England and when moving there she discovered that she lives a stone's throw from where our Great Grandfather hailed from. But that is for another post. This is the second time we have met and we really enjoy being together!







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