Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fun with friends.

So far this year has been a year of family get togethers but now it is time for friends. Firstly we had the Moults pop in. They live in Sierra Leone and have a flat in Durban to which they love to escape to. While here, they do all their medical visits, shop and catch up with friends. Unfortunately they no sooner arrived and fell ill with the flu! As we also had coughs and colds so they found themselves in good company. Old friends are like comfortable slippers, all warm and fuzzy!

Mary and Gavin stopped in for two nights en route to Knysna. We have not had quality time with them for ages. We all commented on how time absolutely flies and how important it is for us to spend time together with our "adult" friends.

Marilyn Gosnell has had an offer on her beautiful home down on the beach in Ramsgate.

We have been to many happy functions here and I know it cannot be easy for Marilyn to part with this home which is steeped in many happy memories! With Jerry gone I suppose it is not the same and also the safety factor for a woman living on her own.

The grandchildren will miss coming here too as they spent hours and hours on the beach. Everything has a season and perhaps it is time for Marilyn to move on. I know we will miss knowing she is in her Beach house!

With Wendy and John being in town, Marilyn thought it is a good time to invite a whole lot of Big Benders over for lunch on Sunday. it probably will be our last visit to her beautiful home. We were amazed to see some folk we had not seen since 2000 when we left Big Bend!

The Rostrums, the Canters, Annie Waterhouse, John and Wendy Moult and the Du Casses were all there

Lots of lively chatter and good laughs took place around the table. If only tables could talk as that table has hosted so many people for so many different functions!!

Good food, good company, good wine! What more can you ask for!! Thank you Marilyn! We miss you Jerry.

This was made from a recipe from Charmaine Crous and is simply delicious!! I will have to try it some day!

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