Sunday, May 5, 2013

Home, sweet home.

It is always wonderful getting home again especially as we had gone to the Cape against the doctor's orders. The time away was so special, filled with wonderful experiences, seeing and being with lots of special folk. The road through the Transkei was potholed and full of Stop and Go's. It is the second time we have had a picture due to the lousy roads. It is the second time an angel in the form of a local fellow, has arrived to help us change our tyre.

For my birthday I invited a few friends to the Book Boutique for tea and included in the group was Arlene née Wolhuter who I was in Primary School. We went to Witbank Medium Primary School together and met up again in Toti.

Our local church has a new preacher who I enjoyed meeting.

One of my favorite things to do is to pack a picnic basket and for Warren and I to go to the Botanical Gardens and listen to music. We don't really mind who is. Asking the music it is just great to get out and to relax.

As Warren decided to some painting, I moved lots of my fabric and used the second lounge as my sewing room. It was so pleasant but as sewing quilts(scrap) is rather a messy business there were threads everywhere. I had fun and managed to put six quilt tops together.

More pics to follow.

It was soon time to head for JHB. to look after Oscar and to catch up with more family.

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  1. Hello stranger!

    Sorry i have been so quiet, but we have been packing and moving! What a job! Are you well?