Thursday, March 8, 2012

More shoes!!

Who can resist a bargain??

While wandering around Chinatown we noticed this.......So guess what, for twenty five South African Rands I have a pair of sandals.

Eish what fun!

Batik painting.

From this ....

All this beautiful work takes place in rather humble surrounds. Everyone is friendly and at the end of the tour a gift shop has a huge display of all the finished items. Other Malaysian crafts are sold here as well.
Looking through the window at the person cutting the fabrics up to make garments I watched how all the scraps are thrown into a huge pile.
My very brave husband went into the area and asked the cutters if he could have a selection of the off cuts for his wife. Voila! To this.....

Batik factory in Penang.

Malaysia is well known for it's beautiful batiks. It was so exciting to find this little gem along the Penang coast. Both block printing and hand painting methods are used. We were welcome to wander around and go from step to step watching the artists at work. It is a simple process using molten wax as the resist. But it is the artists who produce the beautiful cloth.