Saturday, September 29, 2012


I am so pleased that after my last little vent, to have received some pleasant notes from friends afar encouraging me to keep writing. As it so happens, yesterday I was "car guarding" our over loaded car while en route to the Bush House and hubby was doing the shopping, when I happen to tune into SAFM. Nancy Richards has a show " " and the topic of the day was Blogging. Nancy had been to a conference on blogging recently and met some of South Africa's top/ popular bloggers and was interviewing them on her show, on the radio. The questions being addressed were a)why people blog and b)how to blog. The technical "how to" info was not all that helpful for the complete novice but the " why" was most encouraging!

The bloggers being interviewed had slightly different ideas and interpretations as to why people blog but the discussion was most helpful and encouraging and the following are just some of the points I took away.

# Blog as if no one is reading your blog.

# Blogging is the new form of praying!!!

# Many people use it as a form of venting!

# Blogging is learning to live in purpose.

# It should be done with passion

# Blogging is sharing your journey

# Be authentic

# Keep it topical

# You never know everything!

# Enjoy what you do!!!

The point I would add is have the camera charged and ready ALL the time!

I think these pointers are food for thought and most encouraging. I am glad I was at the right ace at the right time!

Regarding security....I liked what one of the bloggers being interviewed said:

Although there are bad elements out there often the Internet is made out to be a much bigger Bad wolf than it really is!! After all someone looking for porn is not really going to look at a blog called Mommies Craft class or like mine "Beyond the Quilt" ....maybe if I called it "under the quilt" would be different!! So that put that one to rest.

Thanks Nancy for the most interesting show and hopefully many more South African women will find the time to blog!!


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