Sunday, May 5, 2013

Next Stop Kidds Beach.

Once again we scheduled our journey to stop off at Kidd's Beach and to enjoy having dinner with Jill Judd. Jill is such a tonic and Inspiration.

on arrival, Gill was very busy preparing our delicious dinner. She was also concerned as she could not find her laptop. She had searched everywhere. Gill had come to the conclusion that maybe while the gardener was busy someone may have slipped into her home and helped themselves!

Warren and I started looking around and lo and behold there was the laptop tucked under the cushion on the chair at the dining room table. How we all laughed with such would have been awful for Gill to be without her laptop.

Gilly is such a knowledgeable lady with so much talent. We had an informal exhibition of her paintings. Who would have guessed that Gill is an artist. These are two of my favorites.

It was so wonderful seeing Gill and hearing all about her adventures. I hope we get to see more of her.


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  1. Dear Penny,
    Your blog is very interesting and what a suprise to see that we know the same person : Jill. I used to live in the same house as her in UK and we became friends few years ago. As I moved a lot, I finally lost her home address in Kidd's beach and I'm very disappointed about that. Could you help me with sending the addres? I'd like to give her some news. My email is or Many thanks per advance for your help