Monday, October 6, 2014

Sliding off the Planet.

Let's face it, there's no place like home. Travel has its attraction but it is good to sleep in one's own bed, to be surrounded by one's goods and chattals and for me, to be back in my sewing room. I belong to several craft groups and really enjoy going out and exchanging ideas and news with the girls. My sister Robyn joins me on most of these excursions and we treasure the time together! The common thread amongst the members of these different groups of women of varying ages is "women need each other"!

According to my cheerful husband "Africa is sliding off the planet" due to the politics, the disasters and the general negative things taking place. This maybe so, however we women will go down armed with knitting needles, crochet hooks, sewing acoutroument and a stock of good books. We bury ourselves in our hobbies trying new patterns and designs whilst fortifying ourselves with cups of good coffee. We laugh and comfort each other, sharing news, old wives tales, advice, stories and experiences. We really don't have time for negativity, depression, bad news or even care much about the possibility of sliding off the planet!

On return from our travels I was worried by cramps in my legs at night and also restless legs. I googled my problem as Dr Google often has a simple explanation for ones problems. This time I not only got an explanation but I also received the most helpful advice ever. The suggestion was to put a bar of soap in between the sheets in the bed where your feet are. With nothing to lose I put two bars of soap into my bed. more cramping! Old wives tale? Who minds as long as it works. I have not suffered one more cramp plus my bed linen smells so good. I have shared this remedy amongst friends and in turn have heard how a potatoe in your bed also helps, especially with back pain!

My aim, while based back home is to make more quilt tops, as my target is to complete 67 completed quilts before Nelson Mandela day next July. As we never spend much time at home, I work like crazy when I am here. I absolutely love my Pfaff sewing machine which works extremely hard, day in and day out. The intention is to use up as many of my scraps and fabrics as possible. I know the old adage is "he who dies with the most fabric is the winner" but I really wanted to pass on that challenge as I would far rather make a lot of folk happy by giving quilts away whilst I am alive and well. I am asked "who are you going to give the quilts to" and quite frankly I am not sure at this stage. The idea is to brighten up someone's life even if the Gogo puts the quilt on her table! I have made baby quilts, kiddy quilts and adult quilts! Diana has donated lots of lovely fabric as did Moira. A few of my friends are making quilts too to add to the collection for which I am so grateful.

While I love quilts and the entire process of producing them, I know that knitted and crocheted blankets are even better gifts for keeping folk warm. I have tried motivating my friends to make blankets and in the evening when I am done quilting I arm myself with my crochet hook and yarn and make my granny squares. My friend Jan, who is an absolute angel, does not knit or crochet, motivated her colleagues at school and while we were in JHB. en route home, she handed over a pile of blankies. Some of them need a little finishing off which I am busy with right now. Thank you my bestie!

The pile of quilt tops and lovely warm blankies continues to grow. I have reached a total of fifty tops at this stage. However there is still no dent in my fabric collection. In fact the pile of scraps grow as scraps make more scraps. It really does not matter as I will have the satisfaction of attempting to use up a whole lot of my collection, trying new patterns out and generally having loads of fun doing this. Should I pop off during the process of Africa sliding off the planet it really won't matter anyway will it?


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  1. I love this post, you sound so happy and contented! Give all the girls a love and hugs from me and France xxxx