Thursday, February 13, 2014

Egoli, the city of gold.

It is wonderful to be back in S.A. and Johannesburg. We are staying with Sarah and Adrien in their new home. I have been able to attack the little garden which is such a pleasure. The shopping centre is right across the road which is such fun, fun, fun.

The first week here was such a whirlwind getting ready for Sarah's birthday party. Unfortunately her assistant "Brilliant" never returned after going home to Zimbabwe to sort her passport out. Communication from there is limited however Sarah did get a message saying she will come back when her papers are sorted. In the meantime Mother is here and I am enjoying fiddling and sorting things out!

As a treat, the two of went across the road and had our toe nails painted. This is so special. This is what are daughters are all about!

On Friday, Sarah invited her cuzzies and best friends around. It was such fun to see everybody, and braaing in their garden was such a pleasure! I also did a lovely long walk yesterday so between digging and working in the garden and taking long walks I confess that my bones are rather stiff and sore.

We are so proud of our lovely daughter who really is a such a ray of sunshine plus a great wife, Mother, daughter, sister, friend and business woman! We love you to bits! Sarah is an entrepreneur of note and we just love hearing about all her business dealings! Oh to be young and brave!




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