Monday, March 4, 2013

The fairest Cape.

We had come to the Cape for a family wedding. My middle brother Lester and wife Mandy live in Brisbane, Australia. Their eldest daughter Michele and fiancé Mark live in England and had decided to have South Africa as their wedding destination. Lanzerac was chosen as the wedding venue and they could not have chosen better.

Of course the South African family were thrilled and were making whatever arrangements they needed to get to C.T. For this auspicious occasion. Friends and family came from thirteen different countries!! Les and Mandy arrived a week before the Big day so we had time to get together and interact this was absolutely wonderful

Niece Emma flew in from New Zealand, the bride and the aunt.

Niece Gillian arrived without any of her boys all the way from Florida. USA.

Mother of the bride from Brizzie and niece Unity from Toti.

Marion got back to SA just in time after spending three months in the USA.

Jo and Unity had not seen each other for many years.

The bride to be had to have a little Crazy quilt from Aunty Pen!!


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