Sunday, May 5, 2013

Johnnesburg's Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical gardens must be one of the best keep secrets of the city. Sarah, Adrien, Warren, Oscar and I went off for a few hours. It is just a short drive from where Sarah lives.

As it was late on a Sunday afternoon many of the day visitors were leaving however lots of folk arrived for their Sunday walk or run or even cycle ride.

The gardens are well looked after and the beautiful lawns go on forever

This monument is to honor the Huguenots.




Thank you to those responsible for these gardens and may they continue to bring much pleasure to the public.

Easter Weekend.

The road to JHB. Is lined with beautiful cosmos, in fact there are fields of cosmos wherever you looked.

While taking care of Oscar during his Easter Break I took him and his friend Afika to the Children's theatre to see "Gogos". This was a delightful production in a tiny theatre where little ones could feel secure and safe. All those little faces showed such concentration and pleasure.

Meeting the Princess Butterfly afterwards was very special.

It was soon time to pack up and join the Boden family at their lovely home on the Vaal River. As Colleen's house was overflowing she arranged for us to stay on a friends house two houses away.

The weather was lovely and it was special seeing "The Family".

Neil and Lisa, together with their children William and Meghan had come out from England. Grandpa Brian had flown in from Cape Town.

Oscar had loads of fun with Willyum! Meg just loved sitting and sketching.

Captain James and Captain Darryl took the family on a few joy rides along the Vaal. The littlees just loved it.

Aunty Glynne had her hands full with her charges.

The kitchen staff had their hands full catering for the masses.

It was great meeting Darryl and Denise's girls. What lovely grandaughters.


It was good to see Dom and Mark too. Mark is such an interesting person and is always good for a long chat.


A wonderful time was had by all. A great Boden get together! Thank you to the Mitchell's for hosting such a special weekend.


Miracles do happen.

Tyrone is my miracle nephew. Earlier this year he was sitting in his newish car waiting to fetch a friend from "youth" which is an organization of you g people who meet at the local church. It was about 8:30 p.m. Tyrone was fiddling with his mobile phone while waiting and the next thing he knew someone was hammering on the top of his car. Confused, he looked up and saw two guys who obviously had designs on his car!!

Ty nervously started fumbling around for the handle to open the window and these felons must have thought he was reaching for a gun so they shot at him through the closed window. The bullet scraped his chest and ended up in the passenger door.

Tyrone got out the car as the two assailants got into a small car and drove off. He banged on the church doors to no avail so brave Tyrone got back into his car and drove himself to hospital. He admits that he actually drove through two red lights in his need to get medical help. Once he got to the hospital he called his Dad and his Mum and received all the help he needed.

Of course, needless to say, we are so grateful for his escape from any long term fact we just don't go down that path.



Tyrone turned 21 in March and he and all those who love him have much to celebrate!! His parents organized a lovely party for him and his other Gran and aunt flew down from Pretoria. Horne is our miracle guy!


Congratulations Tyrone. May your luck continue!

Strippy Scrappy quilts..

It has not been all play and no work.

I pulled out all my scraps and sorted all the strip scraps into colour lots and got to work.


I found it so pleasurable just putting strips together and not fussing cutting. Time was limited and I just had a need to put a few quilt tops together

Maybe it is a way of justifying having so many boxes of scraps

I made a couple of interesting cushion covers too.


I also completed Ben's quillow which turned out really good.

So after that burst of energy and reap king my newly painted sewing room I was ready to head off to JHB. To look after Oscar and then go onto the Vaal for my family reunions.

Home, sweet home.

It is always wonderful getting home again especially as we had gone to the Cape against the doctor's orders. The time away was so special, filled with wonderful experiences, seeing and being with lots of special folk. The road through the Transkei was potholed and full of Stop and Go's. It is the second time we have had a picture due to the lousy roads. It is the second time an angel in the form of a local fellow, has arrived to help us change our tyre.

For my birthday I invited a few friends to the Book Boutique for tea and included in the group was Arlene née Wolhuter who I was in Primary School. We went to Witbank Medium Primary School together and met up again in Toti.

Our local church has a new preacher who I enjoyed meeting.

One of my favorite things to do is to pack a picnic basket and for Warren and I to go to the Botanical Gardens and listen to music. We don't really mind who is. Asking the music it is just great to get out and to relax.

As Warren decided to some painting, I moved lots of my fabric and used the second lounge as my sewing room. It was so pleasant but as sewing quilts(scrap) is rather a messy business there were threads everywhere. I had fun and managed to put six quilt tops together.

More pics to follow.

It was soon time to head for JHB. to look after Oscar and to catch up with more family.

Next Stop Kidds Beach.

Once again we scheduled our journey to stop off at Kidd's Beach and to enjoy having dinner with Jill Judd. Jill is such a tonic and Inspiration.

on arrival, Gill was very busy preparing our delicious dinner. She was also concerned as she could not find her laptop. She had searched everywhere. Gill had come to the conclusion that maybe while the gardener was busy someone may have slipped into her home and helped themselves!

Warren and I started looking around and lo and behold there was the laptop tucked under the cushion on the chair at the dining room table. How we all laughed with such would have been awful for Gill to be without her laptop.

Gilly is such a knowledgeable lady with so much talent. We had an informal exhibition of her paintings. Who would have guessed that Gill is an artist. These are two of my favorites.

It was so wonderful seeing Gill and hearing all about her adventures. I hope we get to see more of her.


On the road back to KZN.

After dropping Sarah and Oscar off in Hermanus we set off for Knysna. A wonderful scenic route which should be enjoyed at leisure however we had to get to our friends by night fall. Patty and John Lees have retired from Nelspruit to Knysna and it was so special to see the love.y home they have set up and visit them in their new surroundings. Fortunately they have a few friends int he area and John has signed up as an Estate agent so it won't be long before they are an integral part of Knysna society.


Patty and John have been our friends for over forty years. We met at Johannesburg College of Education and Wits where we were studying to be teachers.

They both look so well and happy. It was wonderful catching up.

My gift to Patty and John. I am so pleased these crazy cushions blend in.

While John was slaving away at the office patty took us on a tour of the local sights.

We wish these special friends all the happiness in the world as they put their roots down and enjoy this part of the beautiful country we live in


Picnic at Spiers.

What a super idea! A picnic at Spiers the day after the wedding which gives everyone a chance to relax and catch up. Poor Mandy's feet were so sore from wearing her lovely wedding shoes. We decided to pop in for s short visit as we had to drop Sarah and Oscar off with friends and the drive to Knysna.

Mandy and Robyn chilling.

The boys catching up. Warren, Les, Gareth, Duds (sitting) and Michael King.

Richard and Giles, uncle and nephew!

Proud mother Delia with her youngest (and tallest) son, Gareth.


A good time was had by all and MORE.