Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Is it Spring?

Spring is sprung,

The grass is riz

I wonder where the boidies is?

The boid is on the wing

But that's absoid

The wing is on the boid.

Frederick Ogden Nash.

It is difficult to find appropriate poems about Spring pertaining to the Southern hemisphere but I do enjoy this fun poem by Ogden Nash. Coming back from the heat of Malaysia to a freezing cold start to September we have really felt it. The locals are thrilled as the days are longer and the mornings more cheerful with the birds singing. Despite being in the middle of suburbia I heard intermittent banging on the bedroom window and wow i was thrilled to find that the culprit was non other than a red collared Barberton. I managed to call the attention of the family but little Oscar got too close to the window and our little friend was gone. Unfortunately I did not have my new camera on the ready but today I was prepared for our little visitor but he chose not to make an appearance.

Instead it is Garbage day. All the black bins from the partment blocks are lined up on the pavement waiting for the big diosal trucks to arrive. Before they arrive a team of treasure seekers arrive and go through the bins. I watched while the amazing team work was carried out. One person collects plastic bottles, one cardboard, one is looking for glass, and so it goes. There were about 24 bins and a team of six guys did the sorting. I call them a team as they would pass the appropriate stuff around to whoever collects it. What a mess but before the task was concluded they all helped and cleaned up. The fellow collecting what seemed like paper had a huge bag assembled on flat trolley on wheels with a long handle attached and once done off he went riding on the trolley at a merry speed. We actually saw two of these collectors whizzing down the main road yesterday singing and laughing. We are part of an amazing society. It would be interesting to see where these collectors take their treasures and what follows. How does that little saying go....One man's trash is another man's treasure.

We are spending the week here before heading home as Sarah has asked us to be around while Oscar settles into his new school. Today the family start a new chapter in their life as Oscar starts at Lycee Jules Verne, the French school in Morningside. We went for a drive there yesterday to find the easiest and quickest route. While they still live in Parktown it Is quite a trek but once the renovations are complete and they move to Victory Park it will be much easier. Oscar understands French as his father Adrien, only speaks French to him and I am sure he will be parleying after a couple of months at the Lycee. His French Grandparents are coming out in December which will sharpen his skills too. He was so excited this morning while the parents were a little nervous. His first question to his Dad was "will I be starting ballet today". It helped break the tension and gave us a giggle for the day!

I hope you are enjoying pleasant weather wherever you are. I would love you to leave a comment on my blog just to see that the comment box ACTUALLY works.

Thanks Erica for your loyal comments. Xxx


  1. Penny, I have known of you for a long time, but never ventured into the world of blogging. Today I took the plunge and the only bloggers name I know is yours. I wonder if there is any thing new in this world? You speak of the recycling team in your neighbourhood. Here in Kottingbrunn, just outside Vienna, we have very strict recycling - paper, clear glass, coloured (bunt) glass, metal, plastic, biodegradable, clothing. No-one rifles through our bins, but if we take anything to the heavy recycling yard, wood, bits of furniture, mattresses, then we are greeted by people from Eastern European countries all keen to help us off load. Our two little grand daughters are fully bilingual - they go to the local school where they are educated in German, but they both speak excellent English at home. Thank goodness as they often act as interpreters for Granny and Grandpa - I don't think I will ever learn much German now - brain is so rusty and substitutes Afrikaans words for German words at the drop of a hat. We live in an area surrounded by vineyards, but we don't see much bird life - I would love to see a Barbet again. So now you have a comment on your blog, from Wendy's sister.

  2. Thank you for commenting. It is such fun connecting with folk around the world and of course locally. I really appreciate that.