Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easter Weekend.

The road to JHB. Is lined with beautiful cosmos, in fact there are fields of cosmos wherever you looked.

While taking care of Oscar during his Easter Break I took him and his friend Afika to the Children's theatre to see "Gogos". This was a delightful production in a tiny theatre where little ones could feel secure and safe. All those little faces showed such concentration and pleasure.

Meeting the Princess Butterfly afterwards was very special.

It was soon time to pack up and join the Boden family at their lovely home on the Vaal River. As Colleen's house was overflowing she arranged for us to stay on a friends house two houses away.

The weather was lovely and it was special seeing "The Family".

Neil and Lisa, together with their children William and Meghan had come out from England. Grandpa Brian had flown in from Cape Town.

Oscar had loads of fun with Willyum! Meg just loved sitting and sketching.

Captain James and Captain Darryl took the family on a few joy rides along the Vaal. The littlees just loved it.

Aunty Glynne had her hands full with her charges.

The kitchen staff had their hands full catering for the masses.

It was great meeting Darryl and Denise's girls. What lovely grandaughters.


It was good to see Dom and Mark too. Mark is such an interesting person and is always good for a long chat.


A wonderful time was had by all. A great Boden get together! Thank you to the Mitchell's for hosting such a special weekend.


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