Monday, November 25, 2013

The Bag Lady,

Joke: what do you call a person who blogs and has to have her gallbladder out.... A gall blogger! That was my friend Erica's joke when she heard I had to have my gall bladder removed as she too has been through the process and she too enjoys blogging! Thanks Erica, at least that put a lighter spin on the situation and put a smile on my face which I really needed.

To have to go to hospital yet again was a bit daunting but after my annual check up it was found that my gall bladder had developed polyps which if left could lead to other awful things so it had to be removed. My admiration and appreciation for the medical world has increased even more. Thank you all.

On return from the bush, into hospital I went and out the vital organ came! Obviously it is not so vital as I have been absolutely fine without it as long as I watch my diet. Oh dear the diet...I am definitely a comfort eater! Knowing I had to go through this 'procedure' I did not hold back while in the bush and enjoyed all the treats and of course now I am fighting the bulge. But that's fine too because it's all over, stitches out and I am fine.

Take it from me that the best way to recuperate is to spend as many hours in the sewing room where the only physical exertion is my foot on the pedal!

Firstly I finished off these two items to go off to New Zealand with my sister Robyn as her and Dudley join their son Brett for three months. Their request was something " African". I still have a bag of scraps from my Swazi days so out it came and what fun I had putting a small quilt and a wallhanging together!


I had to make a little something for Brett's girls and all of our grandchildren and it had to be Christmassy!

What about a few bags....and a few more , I was all bagged out. I really enjoyed making these and the pattern and style got better and better. Each piece of fabric has a story behind it as to where I bought it. South Africa, Malaysia, France, America( thanks Diana). I almost feel I should write a little history and attach it to the bag.

Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas.....! With lots of love from The Bag Lady