Sunday, April 22, 2012

I - City

I love weekends when we get to do fun things with the family. This weekend Moira had a "surprise" for us. We were given strong warnings about dressing warmly and wearing closed shoes. Where on earth would we be going if we have to dress warmly? I had to raid Nick's cupboard for jackets and put on socks and ,my running shoes and together with friends, Perla and daughter Celine, we were off to the "ICE" city that Joshua spoke about.

This is the most amazing place ever. It is a digitally lit up wonderland. There are two sections, the Prosperity Park outside and Frosties Wonderland inside. The outside section is a magical forest beautifully lit up and lovely for the children to play in. As it got darker the lights got brighter and more fascinating. In between the forest of trees there are activities for the children to take part in.

Inside the hall EVERYTHING is made of ice. It is an entire village including castles, statues, igloos, toboggan runs, slides etc. It was FREEZING! Despite all the extra clothes, I was freezing cold. I even developed a pain in the back of my head. The little ones had a wonderful time and did not seem to notice the cold until they left the hall and Joshua said he cant feel his nose.

The entire set up is amazing and has to be one of it's kind. When Malaysia does something they do it well. It is another highly recommended attraction for anyone living here or visiting here.

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