Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Rickshaw Run.

During the last few days we had left in Cochin,  I noticed a great deal of activity on what had been an empty piece of ground, just along from our Homestay. Then a “welcome” sign was erected over the entrance which I took as a welcome to enter the grounds. It is was not meant for me but for the seventy teams arriving from all over the world to take place in the The Rickshaw Run from Cochin to Shillong. The vehicles that were to be used have 7hp.engine, three tiny wheels and the top speed is 55kmph!!

The entrants are  a bunch of very brave or maybe a little crazy people! The person who told me all about the race was a Dawn. Her and a girlfriend (heading for fifty) were from England and had taken on this challenge as they wanted to have some adventure in their lives. Their team was called 2posh2push. Each team pays an entry fee plus they are all asked to raise a thousand pounds, which goes to Charity.
Dawn before her rickshaw was "pimped"!!

 In total fifty thousand pounds was raised which will go to Franks Water programme which supplies fresh drinking water for villages in India!

Everyone is encouraged to pimp their rickshaws so they blend in with the  vibrant colours of the country.

A crazy thing to do but loads of fun. I am so pleased to know that Dawn and partner Flo won the race according to the blogs I followed. 

Our South African boys in their Golden rickshaw.

The next adventure planned is a cheap way to get to the moon!!

Anyone wanting to know more about this adventure will find info on

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