Sunday, April 22, 2012

India has the last word.

India always has the last say!!

I have just finished reading “Slowly Down The Ganges” written by Eric Newby.  Eric Newby and his wife Wanda, take on the challenge of a twelve hundred  mile journey down the Ganges, starting at Hardwar and finishing at Calcutta, in 1963.  By the time day six arrived they had run aground 63 times!! They never gave up!

 One of the phrases from the book that I think is true is that “India always has the last say!! This was so true for us as we checked in a the airport at the end of three wonderful weeks in India. Warren had bought two cricket bats for two grandsons. One fitted into the suitcase but the second would not. Oh dear….What to do. Will we be able to take it on as hand luggage or not? The check-in officials shake their heads firmly…oh no now what. No problem. The official found a roll of  tape and Warren managed to tie the bat to the outside of the suitcase. I even offered the long scarf I was wearing. The officials all had a good giggle and once it was checked in I really did not believe we would ever see the bat again!   Oh ye of little faith, this is India not Africa…..there it was, a few hours later on the caravelle in Kuala Lumpur all intact and fine!! Thank you India, your final message is a good positive one. We will be back!!

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