Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time to get quilting!!

Days whiz by and I get that panicky feeling about there being so much to do and not enough time! To an extent, that must indicate that I am in a good space and enjoying life which I really am. I needed to get on with some of the projects that I have taken on. I have caught up on my blog so now it is time to get....Quilting.

Going through the many magazines I have collected I found a delightful pattern and went off to the local fabric store which has miles of fabrics in every colour and shade but just a small selection of "cottons". I played around and auditioned and eventually chose five coordinating fabrics. I was set to go.

My co-ordinating fabrics!

This was the pattern and quilt I set out to make.

what do you do when the ruler, the tape measure and the cutting board all differ in measurement? Who do you believe? Needless to say there was much fiddling and ixing. My unpick is my best friend!!Once the first draft was put together I stood back and thought I had lost my mind...this would NEVER do for a  delicate new born baby. Plus the joining fabric is just too busy.
Back to the drawing board. Now I have my own version of the "Gypsy Rose"!! 
Nothing like the original but I do like it!
Now to quilt it. 
Here is another little quilt I helped put together. Moira had started it and I have just got it ready to quilt. The lovely turquoise fabric is from Indonesia.
While I am at it I thought I should show off some of the lovely pieces I bought in India. I love to take them out, give them a little stroke, ponder over them and then put them away!!
I have LOTS to do but first to find an appropriate pattern for a BABY quilt!!


  1. Hi penny

    I love your version of "Gypsey Rose" your fabric choices are just my cup of tea!

    Well done

  2. Thanks Erica, it is all a great deal of fun.