Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back in Kuala Lumpur.


It is always good to get back to base. We are staying with Nick in his apartment in a suburb called Mont Kiara. I would describe this suburb as “Flat land” as there are so many blocks of flats about and no single standing houses.  Within a stone's throw from our block, is a “kampong” which can be described as an urban village or a traditional village. It is in total contrast to the surrounding high rises.  I love looking out from the twenty fifth floor of our "condominium" as it is known, to the kampong and watching the activity down there. 
The Kampong squeezed in between the condos.

The condos in K.L. are really great places to live as there is usually a swimming pool, gym, functional room and we even have a little shop selling an array of things. A park is provided with equipment for children and a large play room with a selection of toys is available. This is where the child minders or “kakas” as they are known, gather with their charges most afternoons! The pool is totally under used during the week so I have much fun going down in the morning and swimming my lengths.
We live on the twenty fifth floor.

Joshua spends a couple of afternoons here and he has enormous fun in the pool as his dad tosses him in the air and he tries to catch clouds!!
Joshua catching clouds.

The only negative is that we do not have easy access to the LRT (public transport) but there is a bus which Warren took into the city and it took  a whole one and a half hours….so I am not sure he will do that again!

Last weekend, Moira, Joshua and the two of us went off to the Lake gardens for a breakfast picnic. Because of the intense heat, one needs to get out as early as possible. These gardens date back to the 1880’s and are built around an artificial lake. It is an amazing place and has many different things to see and do.

We were so impressed at how beautifully the gardens are maintained and the selection of things to do.

The gardens are really worth a visit when next you are in K.L. I know we are going back!

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