Thursday, February 20, 2014



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My Neighbors and Friends

by Ellen Bailey

My neighbors and my friends are very dear to me
They are always there whenever there is a need

We talk to each other and we borrow and lend
Such treasures they are, my neighbors and friends

I sing when they sing and I laugh when they laugh
We do things for each other on the other's behalf

They share with me their many worries and fears
I share with them my compassion and my tears

How lonely and cheerless a place my soul would be
Without such neighbors and good friends as these

I cherish them all and take each one into my heart
Feeling the love and kindness each in turn imparts

What has happened to friendly, welcoming neighbours? I am sure that
there are kind folk around but not here in JHB. Sarah moved into a complex where the homes are attached so neighbours are really close by. On either side of her there are two young families each with four year old daughters. Oscar, being the same age could have such dun with these instant buddies but that is to going to happen. At no stage have the neighbours or anyone in the complex extended a welcome of any kind. No bunch of flowers, pot plant or shop bought cake. The shops are just over the road. Is it a case of "let's keep our heads down and mind our own business'? Sarah and Adrien did extensive alterations to the home before moving in and that could have been reason enough to pop by to see what the place looks like but no chance! 

Chris and Diana had two years in the states and one of the best things of living in San Francisco were the lovely neighbours. They were 'not in your face' kind of people but fun and supportive. If they heard the kids in the garden they would arrive with their drinks and snacks and ask if they could join in! When moving back to Australia they took this fine example of good neighbours back with them and have had two Open houses where they invited their neighbours to a BBQ? As a result they have made some lovely, fun and supportive friends!


I realise that city life is a busy life. Usually both Mom and Dad work and children are in aftercare. This leaves little time for themselves, their families etc. let alone neighbours. What a difference it would have made if just one person from the complex had popped by and stretched out a welcoming hand! Let's remember that a stranger is a friend who we just don't know .....yet!!



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