Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tuesday are for chilling. Wednesdays for leaving.

Cynthia and John were expecting their last container to arrive from the states and we were happy to chill and spend time with Bruce. Jennifer, Cynthia's friend came over and we had time to relax around the pool on the roof top.
Maybe we will lose some weight on this trip! Cheers!!


Our last day in Bangalore and we needed to have time to play with Bruce, pack and get ready for out overnight train trip to Allepey.
We went to a favourite restaurant of Cynthia's and Jennifer met us there and surprise, was selling South African White wine! Lekker!
Shakar the drive had got our tickets and we were all set for the next part of our journey.
Thank you to the lovely Specht family for the fun, friendship and wonderful hospitality.

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