Saturday, January 11, 2014

Living the Dream!

It is good to see one's children living their dreams and so young too! It has been a dream of Diana's to own land and have space for a few chooks (poultry) and other little creatures....guinea fowl and ...let's wait and see. You can take the girl away from the farm but you can't take the farm away from the girl.

Christopher's dream was to retire by forty and this he has done! It has meant a few expat postings to be financially secure in order to do this. Since they married, the two of them have lived in Australia, Singapore, China, San Francisco and are now settled back in Australia with their three beautiful children. It has also meant lots of late night work, travel, etc.with Diana holding the fort. This has resulted and allowed them both to be living their dreams! A HUGE achievement!

This does not mean work has stopped! It is the kind of work they chose to do and are passionate about. They are giving their children a beautiful environment in which to grow up in and as parents they have QUALITY TIME to spend with their children. These three children must be some of the best traveled kids ever! Africa, America, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Mexico....just to name a few of the countries they have experienced!

Diana (with Warren's help) is out in their sprawling six acres with the lawn mower and cutters tidying up their property. The homestead is huge and takes much maintenance but she has it all in hand and streamlined.

Christopher still needs to bring in the bacon but has vowed never to don a suit and tie again and wants to work from his "den" forever. He is into hydroponic gardening and he and his Dad are busy constructing their "hoop" greenhouses! The satisfaction of picking a bowl of his own homegrown leaves and tomatoes to enjoy, has sparred him on to make this a satisfying and successful project.

The children are blossoming in the lovely open space and are in out of the pool and have become accomplished swimmers. Yesterday we went for a walk down the road and the children had bikes and scooters and not a car passed us. To be so safe and free, is such a privilege.

This beautiful home is five minutes from a quaint village called Eumundi which is well known for its weekend markets. Diana's sister Pru and husband Muz! have four joined shops and specialize in mostly African and Swazi products. On the daysthat the market is open, it is jammed packed with tourists coming from all over Australia.

Noosa is the nearest big town and Noosa river is idyllic for meeting friends and having fun. We have had quite a few trips to the "beach" in Noosa and really what more can they wish for. They certainly are living their dream!



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  1. Hi there, the previous comment was meant for this blog, will get the gang of replying correctly! Just love the story of the bird returning home quite amazing!! Xx

    1. Thank you for reading my blog! We were all amazed about the bird!

  2. What a lovely family living their dream. You must be very proud of them. When you coming home?

  3. Aren't they lucky. I think hard work and luck played a role!