Friday, June 8, 2012

This one is for Erica.....@ Peppa-Jo's patterns.

My friend Erica started a business selling her Nearly Nothing's! These are the cutest little packs consisting of a fabric square, pattern and thread. Who can resist!

 Erica loves handwork and also has a passion for all things small or miniature. She has set up a lovely blog and would love you to view it. Every mid week she has a few words of wisdom and has regular updates on her blog. Last year I bought several of her "Nearly Nothing's" and brought them with me to do whilst here in K.L.

So here goes.... I know just the little person who would enjoy this little cupcake quilt. I chose to do mine with fabrics and to use applique and blanket stitch.

Before too long I had all my little blocks done and really  are "nearly nothings"!! These little blocks are such fun to do and once ironed on the background are so easy to take along as a little project to do while waiting or traveling.
 Now to choose fabric for the borders and to finish off.

Not difficult when you have two granddaughters who love pink and purple!!
I have run out of time to do the quilting and binding as we leave for Korea tomorrow and I have two cushions to complete before then.  I have little beads and butterflies to decorate this too. Maybe I will pick up some more findings in the fabric markets in Seoul. Can't wait!!

I just love this little quilt and look forward to buying more fun designs from Erica, in other words,
I am hooked!!

Do support Erica and read her blog at She has loads of designs and patterns especially for Christmas!!


  1. Hi Penny, wow great job. I am inspired. I have a box of Peppa-Jo's which I have been saving for a special occasion. Now I know just what to do with them. I will have to visit Erica for some more. She had a free pattern on her page.
    It is funny that all little 4 & 5 year old little girls all have the same favorite colours.

  2. Penny are you allowed to take a sewing needle with on the plane?

    1. I have a break from sewing when I travel and avoid the wrath of the customs by having needle and scissors on board!

  3. Hi Penny

    Wow!!! I am blown away by your awesome quilt of Nearly Nothings and by the fact that you have devoted a whole post to them!! Your Granddaughters are lucky little ladies!!! Thank you so much!!

    Its time you came home again so we can catch up!!!

    Take care - Erica