Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wedding bells are ringing.

Here we are back in Malaysia, the third time this year to celebrate Nick and Elaine's weddings! Yes weddings!!

To re track, Nick a Chiropractor and business man, met Elaine, a Malaysian celebrity earlier this year. It was love at first sight! We met Elaine and her family during our last visit in June/July this year and it was on a week to the Seychelles they got engaged. Elaine Daly, has a Chinese Mom from the Malacca Straits and her Dad has a very mixed heritage including Dutch, Irish and Malaysian. His Mother was a Jansen. Elaine is an only child and was voted Miss Malaysia in 2008, is a T.V. Presenter, a model and a presenter amongst other interesting jobs she does. She also has a degree in law and has been presented to the bar.

It did not take Elaine and Nicholas long to decide to get married and this would take place early December. After a short time back in South Africa we found ourselves traveling back for the wedding celebrations. Elaine and Nick had decided to have two wedding celebrations. The first was held in K.L. At a lovely restaurant and this included the civil service of the actual marriage. It was a very grand affair and the press and work colleagues were invited to this affair plus we also had the chance to meet Elaine's Chinese Aunties and Uncles. One of the most amazing features is how long the family all live. I wonder what their secret is. We need to find out! Our son Christopher from Australia had some of the "aunties" and uncle (90) dancing around on the dance floor!

Our grandson Joshua was the ring bearer and he was oh so handsome!

Uncle Chris and Joshua!

The second celebration was held out in the country near the Genting Highlands and we all went up the night before the actual event and had time to get to know each other and have a good chat and laugh. It was much cooler up in the hills and in fact it rained most of the time and then voila! The sun came through in time to prepare properly for the beautiful wedding. In addition to the welcome sun, a rainbow appeared which got everyone very excited! It was amazing how the organizers transformed this patch of grass into a fairy tale venue.

This was a much more relaxed affair including a tea ceremony where the Bride and Groom present tea to their parents and family in exchange for advice and red envelopes(and pau) filled with money. Elaine wore her Mother's wedding dress to this ceremony. There were lots of other traditional Malaysian fun and games (Rite of Passage)before the actual formal activities began.


Elaine wore five designer gowns over the two nights and looked amazing. I was in a total state as to what to wear to these functions and only made my final final decision at the last minute!! I think my outfit worked. This is what I wore to the second event but have not seen any photos of the first event so holding my breath as to whether that one worked or not. We were absolutely spoilt as the make up artist came to our home to prepare us for this special occasion. "Us" included the groom, Christopher and Warren.....they just had their hair done! Imagine Warrens face as he only has a few hairs left on his head! The rolling of the eyes....!

The attention to detail was simply amazing! Everything was wonderful. Elaine and Nicholas used wedding planners and the team worked extremely hard.



Cutting of the cake!


The tea ceremony.


Warren and I had a wonderful time meeting new folk, renewing some old friendships, enjoying the festivities, seeing our sons and grandson and of course dancing the night away. Thank you Elaine and Nicholas for two wonderful celebrations. We wish you a long and happy marriage!

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  1. Yeah it’s quite pleasant when you get to celebrate it thrice. Their choice of wedding location venue also looks great to me. I think this is once in a lifetime moment for all, so everyone should celebrate it in best possible manner.