Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fabric Society.


Blue Florals Cushion covers

It be amiss of me not to have a special blog about "Fabric Society". Diana, our daughter in law and I, have apart from the obvious, one HUGE thing in common. We love fabrics. Didee, as I call her, studied textiles at university and when we met she was taken with my collection of fabrics. I think Christopher cursed the day we met.....although he too has always been interested in fabrics.

When in China, Diana and I explored the markets and of course we had to invest in just a few interesting pieces. When we got home with our stash I recall Chris looking at me, he shook his head and said "This is all your fault Mom!" I can take it.

After a long journey of visiting markets around the world and now settling near one of the largest markets in Australia, Diana has seen her Fabric Dream become a reality. She has opened her own "shop" at Eumundi Markets. Being a busy Mum of three children, running and maintaining her large home, this job suits her, as the market only operates on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

It was great visiting her shop and seeing all the lovely goodies for sale. Everything comes from India and is pure cotton. The colours are vibrant and exciting.

I loved all these wood blocks and chose one as a gift, which I want to experiment with when I get home.

Diana got me to work and I sewed on Fabric Society labels on to all 70+ quilts that she has stock piled for the next few months. Monsoon is coming to India which affects productivity and delivery so Didee has made sure she is well stocked for the next few months.

If last Saturday is anything to go by, Didee sold a total of twelve quilts...wonderful.


Diana has made her dream come true and is doing something she is PASSIONATE about! I am so proud of you.

We wish you all the very best with your exciting enterprise!

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