Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Four, five, six, seven, eight

Aren't we lucky! We are going to have all five grandchildren under one roof. Part of Sarah's travels was to visit her brother Nick and us in Malaysia. Just after arriving she popped off to Vietnam for ten days leaving Oscar with us and he and Joshua got to know each other all over again.having the pool downstairs meant lots of water fun and seeing Oscars swimming ability come on in leaps and bounds.

Poppie has become the official swimming coach!

Once Sarah returned from her travels we packed up and headed off to Australia. Joshua was so brave leaving home for the first time ever! The children could not wait to play together.

Having had lots of rain Christoper did not miss a beat and when he saw that the sun was shining he had us packed up and off to the beach.


We had such a lovely day with so much safe space for the children to play and have fun. At one point a wild turkey attacked our lunch box and this resulted in the boys having loads of fun getting sticks and "protecting" us. The three boys, Joshua, Oscar and Ben had the best time ever!

While playing, we spotted this little creature running along the beach. An echidna. What a little darling! He was totally unperturbed by all of us and just sniffed and nibbled his way through the rocks and grass and looking for his dinner. He is otherwise known as a spiny anteater! The children were fascinated and watched for ages.

The second good day we had there we waited for the girls to finish school, packed up both cars and headed for the river to go fishing. The adults took the rods with the children having "turns" and serious fishing began. Sarah was DETERMINED to catch a fish. She tried and tried and fell on the rocks and tried. Just as she was about to give up Christopher suggested she take Ben's cheap little rod and have one last try. VOILA, a pround moment indeed as Sarah pulled in her first big fish. A Bream it was. My oh my! The children cheered, she cheered, we all cheered , the taste of success.


A wonderful ending to our second and only sunny day.

Fortunately Christopher and Diana have a huge home and the most wonderful playroom stocked with every toy imaginable. Unfortunately, the weather turned and we had rain every day. When a break occurred the children would be out playing on bikes, climbing, chasing, fetching eggs from the chooks etc.

Ben teaching Oscar to ride.

A visit to the girls school was a must do. It happened to be book week and Molly chose to dress up as a warthog as her story was all about the Forest and warthogs and Miss Hannah went as(of course) the Princess from Frozen. There was a huge build up to this function. As luck would have it it Rained and rained and rained. The Book Parade went ahead in the hall but the picnic had to be cancelled.

The Frozen Princess!

Our little warthog!

Molly showing us her work in the classroom.

Thank you guys for a super visit!


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