Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer Vacation in K.L.

Our two and a half month visit to Malaysia has come to an end. We board the plane tonight for the VERY lengthy trip back home. We have been coming to Malaysia for the past twelve years and more! It has been the most wonderful time ever. The last six years we have come to help out with the care of Joshua as both parents work and since he has started school we have focused on being here for his Summer School holidays. As his school bases it's terms dates on those of the English schools he has two lovely long months off mid year. Of course being a teacher, the benefits of these long holidays for children is debatable but as many of the staff members at his school are from England one can understand their need to return home for a length of time!

We were fortunate to be able to visit Joshua's class and school at the end of the term for their sports day. It was a fun morning with everyone participating and having fun.

We attended a birthday party of one of his Mum's friends whom we also know. Wow....this two year old had the party of all parties! Loads of children and their families, loads of entertainment and caterers! Mum Nha and Dad are relocating to Vietnam where Nha originally hails from. It was good to see her again and meet Bey. I was very impressed with Bey's nanny who is young and friendly. She has a car and drives Bey to all his extra activities, does the shopping, cooks etc! What a dream helper!

Talking of helpers, Lorna who originally worked for Nick and Moira now works for Moira is also amazing. She is from the Philippines,lives in and does EVERYTHING that needs to be done. She also takes Joshua to his swimming classes and any other extra curricular appointments. In addition to this Moira has bought her a sewing machine and Lorna is making real quilts. She also learnt how to bead from Moira who gave her her starter kit and now Lorna has a very healthy bank balance from all the beading she does! So entrepeurnerial. We have enjoyed many delicious meals cooked by Lorna when visiting Moira and Joshua.

Once Oscar arrived Uncle Nick took the boys on all sorts of fun adventures including "Jump" . This is such a clever idea. The building was y a large warehouse and is now equipped with trampolines of every description. The whole system is amazing and one pays by the hour to use the equipment. The boys LOVED it and once the hour was up they were finished. Oscars red face tells it all.

We have been treated to Korean, Japanese,Chinese, Indian and Malaysian meals. We have put on lots of weight! We need to do something about it!

It has been great. During this time Nick introduced us to his girlfriend Elaine and when they went off to the Maldives he could not resist the romantic surrounds and popped the big question. Elaine came back full of smiles with a lovely ring on her finger.

We have met her folk and many of her friends. Elaine presents a T.V. Programme "Bella" regularly and I was privileged to be able to visit the studio.

Elaine also does lots of photo shoots and presents at various functions. She leads a very interesting life.

Nick continues to grow his chiropractic business and has to cope with lots of challenges which he does so well. He is an amazing Dad and we are very grateful to him for sharing his boy with us. We love you guys!!

Now it is time to go home, settle down, get a perspective on life and do lots of healthy things like healthy food and exercise!

But maybe...


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  1. Looking forward to seeing you before I leave:-)