Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seoul city Tour

On our first day we decided it was wise to take a bus tour of the city. We used the hop on and hop off bus service which stops at all the main Tourist spots around Seoul. The bus was air conditioned and comfortable. It is not so easy taking photos from a moving vehicle so for the most part we just sat back and enjoyed the trip.

One of the first things one notices are the clean, attractive pavements. Pretty baskets of flowers and flower pots filled with attractive and colourful flowers are every where!! We never saw any litter anywhere.

Seoul is built on the Han river and no less than 27 bridges cross the river. The banks of the river have been developed and it is a favourite place for the city dwellers to cycle, camp, run and generally have fun.

One is struck by the many beautiful high rise buildings interspersed with green belts.
Half way through our trip we got off the bus to do some exploring and were amazed by the cleanliness of the streets. Seoul is an efficient city with all crossings and walk ways regulated. Most of the main streets have underground passages and these area often are home to various markets.

One rarely sees beggars but I could not help noticing this fellow who we saw at the beginning of our holiday and then again just before we left. He was wearing the same clothes and was in the same position. If his back wasn't troubling him before he took up his begging position it sure will afterwards.

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