Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our first outing in Korea.

Coming to Korea has been the most amazing experience, I was not sure what to expect despite doing a whole lot of research before hand. Staying with folk who have lived here for a few years has made a HUGE difference and we are forever grateful.

 Trevor is the M.D. for Audi and he, his lovely wife Sam and son Josh are about to leave Korea for their next posting. Despite it not being a good time to have visitors, Trevor insisted we continue with our plans to visit them in Seoul. Their home is in a lovely area and is very convenient to public transport, which we soon learnt to use.

 Seoul is a great city for tourists and everything works like clock work. Our first outing was to visit The Korean Furniture Museum.

 This title does not do this museum justice as it was not only furniture being displayed but much more than that. It is a privately owned Museum which showcases a collection of ten different style of homes built over time.


 These homes are brilliant pieces of carpentry and no nails are used to keep them together. Each house depicts different periods in the history of Korea.

The houses showcases beautifully crafted furniture. In parts of the museum we were free to take photos and some parts we were requested not to.


 The view from where this museum is situated is wonderful as it is built on one of the many hills on which the city of Seoul is built.


 We were fortunate to see a display of " Gucci " as the museum was being used as a backdrop for handbags and luggage by Gucci created over over the decades.

 This was a great first taste of Korea and we are so excited for what is in store for us.
Kimchi Pots.

This interesting pan is filled with water, put on a fire and when hot is used for ironing clothes.

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