Thursday, April 12, 2012


It was good to wake up and know that we are in India although being hosted by the Specht's meant that we did not really feel the pressures of this wonderful country. Their home is in a suburb called Whitefields and is near to the Shell offices where John works.
It was also good to wake up after sleeping under this beautiful quilt made by John's Mom back in the states.
Bruce was great company and spent many hours keeping us amused with his imaginary games. He has so much freedom to play in the garden, ride his bike in the street or go to the park. Bruce took no time in adopting us as his Granny and Grampa Wawwen!!
 Visit to the wineries.
What fun! Cynthia had organised a bus and invited any interested ladies from the Overseas Visitors Club to join us in a bus ride to the local wineries. We had no idea that India produced its own wine!
After a longish trip we arrived at Grover Wineries on the outskirts of Bangalore. One of the difficulties of living in a city in India is getting from point A to point B even if it is a short distance away it takes ages as the roads are so congested.
As the actual tour of the winefields only going when the sun was reaching its zenith the tour guide  had to keep it all very brief as the ladies had one thing on their minds......guess what that was!

We got through the sorting process back at the base and must confess it is very Hands On! We were amused as we were requested not to take pics and wondered what secrets were being kept. tasting time. Grover Wineries were most generous and we got to taste lots of reds and whites preferring the whites as they were all chilled and delicious!
I got to chat to some of the women form the OVC and they come from Singapore, Malaysia, the States, Japan, Sweden etc. and thier husbands work for Microsoft, Sony, Shell IBM et al. Their experiences and comments about living in India were positive and complimentary and several ladies regretted the fact that their contracts were coming to an end.
Let us not forget that the definition of heaven for a women is "Being an expat wife in Asia."

A lovely day was had by all. A huge thank you to Cynthia for her organisation and generosity.

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