Thursday, April 12, 2012

How lovely seeing the Spechts after a whole year, even four year old Bruce was waiting up for us. Their home which took a lot of searching for, is lovely.  The roof top has been converted into a garden with a jacuzzi and a sauna. A perfect spot to relax and entertain.
The view from the rooftop is amazing as there is evidence of building and development where ever one looks!
Bangalore or as it prefers to be called Bengaluri, is India's fastest growing city, the IT and research capital, with public sector units in electronics, aeronautical industry, space research and aircraft design. It is well known for it's excellence in medical care. Shell has its main offices there...thus the reason for the Spechts living in India.!!
The city originated from a mud hut and four watchtowers built in 1537 and it gained it's name from a phrase 'Brenda kaliu" or 'boiling bean' in reference to a meal fed to a lost prince by an old peasant woman who took the prince in.

 The "Bangi " quilt made specially for the Spechts.


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  1. Penny, what a lovely recap of your visit with us! Thank you so much for posting all the pictures:) Don't forget we're coming this fall!!!!!

    Love, Cynthia