Thursday, April 12, 2012

March 18th. Happy Toothbrush, happy us!

With excitement brewing, we packed, got organized and were off to the airport. Once arriving in Bangalore, we headed to customs to discover that we only had a phone number for our hosts. We never worried about details as the driver was picking us up. This was insufficient for the officials and eventually a friendly official called Cynthia to verify that we were in actual fact going to stay with them!! That is a first for us.

When collecting our luggage we noticed a bid X marked on our suitcase.....this means trouble. Warren did his duty free shopping and then we proceeded through the green light only to be called back and to have our case x rayed. We had a few bottles inside the suitcase and with the duty free purchases just made, the official objected and said we had more than we were permitted. After a little "discussion" and the fact that we had paid duties in K.L. we were waved through. Relief.

It was good to see the Specht's driver with his Yellow board alerting us. When loading our suitcase into his boot Shankar said he could hear a buzzing...oh dear what now? On opening the suitcase Warren found it to be his electric toothbrush...the switch had been knocked and it was buzzing away merrily...happy to be in India, just like us!!

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