Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Lift.

Living on the fifth floor, which is the top floor of our block of flats, has its advantages, in fact it is the best place to be.
We overlook the Indian Ocean and the main Toti Beach. The view is stunning. At times we are able to spot whales and dolphins. which gets us very excited.

However, that is all fine and dandy until THE LIFT does not work. Before we left for overseas in February we had to pay a Special Levy which is a double whammy for us as we have two connected flats. The lift really needed fixing so that was fine. we arrived back from our travels in September and the replacement lift was still not functional. Carrying over 60 kilos of luggage up stairs is no mean feat.
We then went off to the bush for two months and we were convinced that we would arrive back to a fully functional LIFT!! It was still not working. One of the flat owners is in a wheel chair as he has had his legs amputated. Mr Rush lives on the third floor. He was virtually a prisoner in his own home for all those months. On the fifth floor a neighbour of ours Roy got very ill. He needed to go to the doctor regularly and had to be helped down the five floors......the story goes on and on.

The contractors have handed over the lift.....and it works for two or three days and then it gets stuck! So it continues. It is wonderful when it works but the thought of getting stuck in it is indeed a frightening one. I have done so much spring cleaning and need to take bags of stuff to Hospice but just don't get to do it as the blasted lift never quite works when I need it to! Soon I will be unpacking those bags and putting the things back into my cupboards!!

We are so reliant on these mechanical objects what did the people do in the old days or were there no blocks of flats??

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