Sunday, July 13, 2014

On top of the world!

The night of July12 th, 2014, was the best time ever to visit the "Helipad" in K.L. City Centre. Moira said she had a surprise up her sleeve for us and we were to be ready by 5:30 to go out. We drove into the city centre and landed up in a bar lounge decorated with everything to do with helicopters. We ordered our rather expensive drinks, looked out at the view and then ..... The Surprise! We climbed up another three flights of stairs! Oh wow.....we were gobsmacked! There we were on top of a 36 storied building with a 360 degree view, on top of the world, sipping our g and t's! How cool was that. Maybe we couldn't see the whole world but we could see the whole of Kuala Lumpur. What a magnificent sight.

The area has a yellow painted strip right around the edges, past which NO one is allowed to step. Two men dressed in black stand guard, quick to chase anyone overstepping the mark!

A pop up bar has been created on this roof top so after carrying ones first drink up the stairs which is the entry fee, one can order drinks and snacks.

K.L. always has a bit of a haze hanging over it but it wasn't too bad tonight and we could see for miles. The Twin Towers felt so close, as if we could reach out and touch it.

What great timing to be in this spot as it is the night of the Super Moon. (I kept calling it the Power Moon! )

What is the Super Moon? Google explains it as follows:

  • The phenomenon happens when the moon becomes full on the same day as its perigee -- the point in the moon's orbit when it's closest to Earth.

As the sun set and the moon rose more and more people arrived. We watched three young Muslim men. They ordered their non alcoholic drinks at about six thirty. They didn't touch them. Then at about seven they ordered plates of snacks. Again they did not touch them. Warren want over to chat to them and as expected they were waiting for seven thirty, when it is permissible for Muslims to break the fast and eat and drink. What patience! What self discipline! We were in such admiration as we enjoyed our second round of drinks!

Everyone was so friendly with lots of Selfies being taken, everyone chatting, the music starting and generally just having the experience of a lifetime.

Thank you Moira for giving us the best time ever.

The evening was rounded off at a Tapas bar not far off.

Can you believe it.....KL. experiences traffic jams as late as ten at night! I love K.L.


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