Sunday, July 27, 2014

Christmas in July

It's not exactly "Christmas in July" but it feels just like it. As you may know we are in Malaysia and being a predominantly Muslim country the last thirty days have been days of fasting and prayer for the majority. Imagine fasting from dawn till dusk. Hats off to all of the fasters. I do know that after prayers at seven in the evening, families gather and enjoy a really great meal together. Bukua Pasau it is called.

During the day the restaurants are often closed or not too full but finding a table at night is challenging.when we were on the islands the young fellows working at the restaurant attached to our hotel said the fasting wasn't so difficult but giving up smoking and seeing others smoke was the hard part.

Many malls are selling traditional food to break the fast including dates. It is believed that Muhammed broke his fast eating three dates thus Muslims tend to do the same. Now I know why I see dates for sale everywhere. The malls are decorated and looking very festive. There are sales on the go everywhere as Malaysians like to refurbish their homes and cupboards for the celebrations.

We live opposite a Kampung which is where some of the working class local folk live and last night the sky was lit up with firecrackers going off and the loud noises kept going to well after midnight. Indeed it is a joyful time as Families reunite and everyone enjoys the festivities!

We wish them "Salamat Hari "


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