Sunday, July 13, 2014

Time flies.

We are back in K.L. And I am so happy as Nick has set up my own little sewing nook in my bedroom. Everybody asks why I don't use the dining room table but with white floors and This not being my home, the threads floating everywhere with the fan blowing makes for such a mess. I prefer not having to move the machine every day etc. etc. so NOW I put the air con on, close the door and I can create to my hearts content!

Moira bought a pile of fabrics some easier to work with than others. I have been researching pinterest and the web and have loads of ideas on what I want to do. I will probably only make quilt tops as they are easier to transport home.

My aim is to make ten tops by the time we leave. The first pattern I have tried is disappearing nine patch. It is so effective. The "mistake" I have made is not using a contrast in the centre for effect and also I should have done more blocks instead of nine so the final quilt is bigger. Never mind. I will be doing more of these nine patch quilts as they are so effective.

I have also being carrying around scraps from a box of fabric samples I was once given and have put them together. I am not sure that I m going to add any more to this pretty kiddies quilt. I think it looks like tasty ice cream!

Some of the fabrics are just so synthetic but oh so pretty. I brought lots of vi-trace to use as a base so voila....I have made these pretty strips which I will compile into a pretty quilt. Oh what fun it all is. Unfortunately life gets in the way and I have to do other "things" so the quilting will be put on hold for a few days.

Diana asked me to go into Chinatown to price goodies for her from our favourite shop Peter Hoe! This was such a fun task to carry out. It was all pre arranged for me to spend time taking photos of the merchandise and recording the prices. The fabrics used are simply delightful.

Of course finding the fabric is an impossible task as Peter Hoe flies around Asia sourcing his products so that it is one of a kind. I am sure they will sell well in Australia!


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