Saturday, April 5, 2014 Favourite month.

The month of March is when my birthday happens, my blog's second birthday and the birthday of many members of my family and also my friends! It is my favourite month and makes me feel so happy! Not that I want to record the passing of yet another year but it is fun to have a day dedicated to you and that's what birthdays are all about. A day of total indulgence. Not necessarily material indulgence but a day to do things that make you happy.

When I first got married we lived in a very small home attached to the Boy's hostel which my husband helped run. The master in charge, Mr McCloud and his dear wife lived right next door and Myfanwy, a lovely Welsh women, spent much time popping in and sharing her wisdom. One of the many pearls she passed my way was about birthdays. She too had a March birthday. She advised that for at least a week before your special day you MUST start talking about what you would like to do and how you are going to celebrate your special day. She felt that you only have yourself to blame should your dearly beloved forget your birthday. I liked that advice and put it into practice until the children got old enough to be reminding their Dad! These days I don't feel sensitive about my birthday and my DB always remembers. He just needs a great big HINT about what to get me. This year I wanted a certain perfume which I used to use in my early days so that was easy and I love flowers. To my dearest friends Bridget and Arlene thank you for the lovely flowers.

I treated myself to a new hairdo and walked out the salon feeling great! All the calls, sms's, emails etc just made the day so special. The day before my birthday my hubby and I went off to enjoy a special sushi lunch and on Friday I treated my sister and Arlene, my dear friend, to tea. Arlene is always so inspiring...she has been in a wheelchair for a very long time and has other lesser health issues and you NEVER hear her complain. She is a wonderful quilter, a huge Bridge card player and does beautiful cross stitch. A morning with Arlene, is all I need to feel a new appreciation for all I have!

As I mentioned, it is also my blog's birthday. I started it two years ago and it is still going! I enjoy my blog and make myself angry when I don't write regularly! It's just a matter of a bit more self discipline. I am so grateful to the people who take the time to read my ramblings....thank you. I just wish there were more "comments" which serve as encouragement.

While the month got off to a great start we are now feeling so upset about the news about the Air Malaysia which has disappeared. It is a Favourite airline of ours too. My thoughts and love go to all the friends and family waiting for news! Let's hope things just get better from here.


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  1. Hi Penny
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I seldom check comments on there because I now post at
    Good luck with The Blue Collection quilt. I lOVED doing it. It was the first quilt I did and got me started on my love of quilting. Rhondi xo