Friday, May 16, 2014


Here we are in Maun, Botswana staying with Carol and Mark S. The early morning and late evening temps call for a warm top however the days are beautiful. Maun is a dusty touristy/rural town with many landies tearing along the roads which are visited by goats, cows, donkeys and dogs!


We popped into Spar yesterday and were surprised to see a Woolies had opened here. I am sure that has improved the lives of the working couples who need instant quality dinners!

Mark and Carol together with two partners have a Safari business....a couple of lodges and lots of other things.

The Safari Business in this part of the world is BIG with tourists visiting from all over the world.

The Safari vehicles are custom built on the premises and all the fittings are made here too. Of course I loved meeting the "seamster."

Mark took us out to the farm he co owns and WOW it was amazing to see the tunnels of beautiful vegetables.


Talk about Jack and the Beanstalk this is Mark and the Tomato stalk!

The most welcoming sight was this quilt I mad for Mark and Carol after our last visit seven or eight years ago!

I am so glad we get to sleep under a quilt I made and made with fabrics from our Swazi days. It is filled with memories, as I am sure this visit to Maun will be!

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