Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oscar, Oscar, The Oscars and Oskidu!

It is lovely being home again after an absence of +three months! Fortunately, the weather during the first week was perfect weather for little boys to enjoy the "piggies" . A couple of years back when our dear grandson, Oscar first came to our beach home and Grandpa took him to play in the waves, Grandpa would wait for a wave to come, shouting, 'here comes a "biggee" 'and lift a delighted Oscar as the water broke over them. Nothing has changed and Oscar continues to call the waves "piggies" and still delights in his Grandfather lifting him up as the waves rush in. Oscar loves the water and has gained so much in confidence which we hope will rub off on his swimming lessons! Grandpa's arm muscles are stronger and his back aches like crazy! The joys.....

Then we have the trial of Oscar Pistorius. With the media being aloud to be present in the court it has caused such a frenzy. On one hand it is good to see how our courts operate on the other hand I think it is so intimidating for the witnesses. The whole procedure is being described as a circus. Listening to the cross questioning of some of the witnesses one would think they were the ones on trial. Glad I am not up there...I could not stand the pressure!

What about The Oscars.....oh my, aren't the clothes out of this world! It is such fun seeing the actors and actresses being "themselves" so to speak. I am so fortunate that I managed to seem many of the films that were nominated. Blue Jasmine got my Oscar while Twelve Years of Slavery was just too disturbing for me. Any movie that portrays white on black racism manages to make me feel so uncomfortable that I would rather not watch them. Blue Jasmine, was just up my alley!

I also took a special interest in the Metro Music awards this past Saturday as our Sarah's company was covering the event. Sarah flew down and was backstage Taking pics, tweeting and Facebooking and whatever else social media companies do. There too, the outfits were just lovely! South Africa's who's who looked amazing, and we have much to be proud of! Oskidu, our own music maker was given an award for his contribution to the Music business and I found his acceptance speech a little edgy when he said it was the first time in twenty years that he has been recognized!!

There we have it, little Oscar with the Piggies, Big Oscar in trouble, the Oscars over for 2014 and Oskido

making lots of good music.

A good start to our time at home.

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