Friday, June 7, 2013

Our ray of sunshine.

It was time for the much awaited visit from Oscar, our nearly four year old Grandson from Johannesburg. Sarah and Adrien and a bunch of friends were off to "Bushfire" a festival of music held annually in Swaziland. We fetched him from Durban airport and as usual the handover went smoothly. The fact his Mom and Dad prepare him for a week before talking about all the fun things he is going to do plus it is his third time to visit us on his own, he handles it all with such ease.  

The drive from Toti to the airport is long but quite lovely and once there one is filled with pride that we have such super airports. We were met with live music which gave the whole place a rather festive air.

Oscar settled in quickly and enjoyed exploring all the nooks and crannies in the flat and pulling out my dolls and teddies. I always have a stock of toys, paints, puzzles etc. available and somehow it is much more fun to play and use these things in Granny's home.


As Oscar is turning four in June and is having a "Peter Pan" party I had bought some green fabric and was planning on making him an outfit. My sister popped in for a visit, took one look at the fabric and was totally inspired. Within fours of taking it home she had a delightful outfit made for Oscar. Can you imagine the excitement and delight? He couldn't wait to see what Granny Robyn had made for him!


Note the delight on Oscar's face. He was over the moon! Robyn even made a sheath for his little sword.

Note the delight on the Grannie's faces. That is me on the right and my clever sister on the left!

Our own Peter Pan ready to fly off!


Poppie Warren (grandpa) and Oscar spent a few hours most mornings on the beach. Despite it being Winter it was warm enough to swim and enjoy the waves.


The week went by very quickly and not much else was achieved besides watching the Robin Hood movie five times, reading loads of stories, (the favorite being Roald Dahl 's Magic Finger), playing with Oscar and doing a bit of visiting of friends.

I miss his cuddles in the morning and look forward to our visit for his birthday party later this month.

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