Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mid year.

It is almost mid year and one wonders where time disappears to! I have loved being home and having time to do all sorts of fun things. 



I have completed my double bed quilt top and back using my beautiful Malaysian fabrics. I pieced the back as I was determined to use what fabrics I have in the cupboard and not buy anything. The back took longer to make than the front.



I absolutely love the colours of the top. Now to quilt it! It is not easy cutting into one's precious collection and I found this rather apt quotation on Pinterest.




It is so true and I know the bug has bitten Sarah who has just returned from Swaziland with a pile of fabrics and Diana loves fabrics too. Moira has a stash which I drool over when we visit her, so I keep good company. My sons like to accuse me of influencing the girls but I would never do a thing like that!


It was also time to attack some UFO's and I am so pleased to have got to the binding stage of this stunning appliquéd quilt. This quilt was started at least thirteen years ago in Swaziland. I was part of a group of quilters, Big Bend Quilters, who met regularly every month. A couple of us formed a sub group and each month a quilter would get a chance to choose their pattern and fabrics and the rest of us would make the blocks. I confess that I chose a very challenging pattern which I then had to assemble and hand quilt. I was supposed to do appliquéd borders but gave that up as after thirteen years I was no where near completion. I have put all the blocks together and machine quilted the in between bits and now all that's left is the binding. My husband, who never says much about my work just oohed and aahed over this one. My thanks to all the contributors. (Zelda, Joy, Elsa, Celma, Patience, Bizzy,....who else?)




My dear friend Bridget turned forty this week. I wanted to make something special for her and decided to finish my "Sri Lankan" block. It turned out really cute and I hope she feels happy every time she sees it. We met twice this week at the Book Boutique. Once for Bridget's birthday and once to see Erica Carle. A bit of a Masterpiecers reunion. It was great a seeing all the ladies and the Book Boutique is a great venue. I guess time flies when one is busy and happy.



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