Sunday, May 26, 2013

Natal Quilters Guild

Yesterday was NQG meeting and for a change I was able to attend. The first part of the day was taken up with looking at the Quilt display and voting for your favorite.

My favorite!

Another interesting 3D quilt.

Circles are popular.

There were various vendors selling lots of lovely goodies and fabrics for quilting. This was my favorite vendor but I resisted.


Beth had lovely patterns for making miniatures. And kits for making up these patterns.

We had a most interesting talk and slide show by two quilters who had gone to the states for the Houston Quilt Festival. They described the fun they had visiting the Amish and other places before getting to the festival. Their pictures of the quilts that were on show made us all totally gasp in amazement.

It is good to see how alive and well quilting is in South Africa with the upcoming quilting events taking place all over the country. Maybe I should stop writing and go and get quilting!!

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