Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Parteeeeee Time.

Our eldest son Christopher, turned 40 on the 3rd January. He celebrated this in Australia with Diana's family. Nick was able to join him with Joshie and they had lots of fun. However it was Christopher's dream to celebrate in style in the "bush". He asked us to suss out a suitable spot which we duly did and fell head over heels for a beautiful spot on the river, Sabie River Lodge. 

With the venue booked it was over to Chris to send the invites out and sort out the finer details. On Friday it was time for us to leave Sbie Park and head for the Lodge where we would meet up with the other guests including Sarah, Adrien, Oscar and Nick and Joshua. Having all five grandchildren together and three children is amazing!



The setting was perfect. Hippos were wallowing in the water and enjoying the lovely weather. Guests arrived from all corners of the world. Those folk with children slept in the Protea hotel and spent most of their time with us at the lodge. The children loved running wild on the lawns. Joshua and Oscar having driven from JHB were thrilled to meet their cuzzies and enjoyed running wild.

It was a wonderful reunion for Christopher and Diana and their friends. We all enjoyed reconnecting and Friday was taken up with connecting. Golf at Skukuza was scheduled for Saturday morning.


Saturday morning started off sunny and no sooner had the staff set up for breakfast on the deck and the heavens opened and the rains began. It rained the whole day. The golfers got stuck in the club house, the cyclists continued for as long as possible, the children watched T.V. And Marion, Joyce and I spent the day playing scrabble and drinking amarula coffee.

The staff were so accommodating and set up for dinner in the upstairs lounge and the show went on!!

No sooner had the dinner ended and guess what...the rain stopped. The decorations went up, the music set up, the fire started and it was parteeee time! It was a glorious evening and sitting around the fire with the great selection of music playing in the background, no one could wish for anything better. Once the children started getting weary they passed out in front of the teleVision. At one stage I counted fourteen children.


The party went on for many hours accompanied by the happy hippos!

After breakfast on Sunday morning it was time to head back to Sabie Park.

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