Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bush time.

It was time to head off to our Bush Home and to get the place ready for the Ozzie/American Bodens. We really wanted everything to be ship shape before their arrival and all the cupboards stocked to their full capacity.

Before we knew it it was time to dash off to The airport in Nelspruit to fetch the family. We took two cars and Diana and Molly drove back with me. What a long trip they have had all the way from San Francisco. Molly was wide awake and full of beautiful smiles and stories. What a special girl she is!

Molly is very interested in horses right now so I made her a hat and bag made from "horsey" fabric.

Hannah is our "fashionista" and she tole me that when she grows up she is going to call her Fashion shop Penelope's as she loves my real name!!


This is Ben's first visit to Africa and what a character he is! He just loves playing outside but we had to watch him all the time as the baboons and leopard lurking around we're a constant threat.

Poppie and I had lots of fun with the children while the folks went off to find the animals in the park.

Diana, Molly and I popped off to Hazyview to stock up before the Talbots arrived and could not resist stopping at the fabric vendors. These made lovely gifts for their friends back in the states.

Granny couldn't wait to see the children in their new beanies! What a beautiful family! We are so blessed.


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