Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The last week.

Back in Sabie Park several of Christopher and Diana's friends were able to join us for braai at the picnic spot. Once again the children were able to run and play and enjoy each others company.

It was so special having Nick and Joshua with us together with Sarah and Oscar. The three boys were quite a handful getting up to all sorts of mischief.

Every morning the adults would set off to be at the Kruger Gate by 6:00 am and the grandchildren, Warren and I would have lots of fun together.


This was the most special time ever being with these amazing children and seeing them interact. We are so proud of our children, their partners and their children we are so blessed.

The week passed by so quickly and soon it was time to say goodbye and wave everyone off. The house was so quiet we couldn't wait to pack up and move on too. A sign of the silence was a visit from the giraffe, the Zebbies and even the warthog....who all had been rather scarce!! Till next time.....



Christopher has put a wonderful you tube video together capturing all the special moments of the holiday.

Molly on Safari.

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