Sunday, May 26, 2013

Filling the well.

I have embarked on Julia Cameron's writing course and two bits of advice she starts with, is to write three pages every day no matter what and the second is, to give yourself a regular "Artist's Treat" and by this she suggests you do little things to make yourself feel good and "Fill the well". This could take the form of rewarding yourself with gold stars, to visiting places that inspire you. 


The last few days have certainly been inspiring and gives one another perspective on life. We have just spent a few days in the Berg near Underberg. Warren had booked us into a chalet on a farm about five K's outside the town.

The view from our temporary home was just delightful. The colours were simply amazing.

At times I tried to count the different shades of green and the various colours of the mountains.

My sister and brother in law used to spend lots of time taking their children hiking in the mountains so they know the name of the various peaks and many of the interesting spots to explore.

My humble little point and push camera worked overtime as I tried to capture the absolute beauty of the area.

Around every nook and cranny there was something magnificent to see.

Dudley spotted two Crowned cranes playing in a nearby field. Evidently this is a rare sighting.

We popped into Pucketty Farm Stall and stocked up on delicious ginger biscuits. We were amused to see an "honesty box" in the shop.

Himeville is just a few K's away and while the men tested the beers in the hotel, Robyn and I popped into the museum which is housed in the original fort on the main road.

I felt very comfortable there as I recognized many of the artifacts as being similar to what I have in my home!!


On the wall in the pub was a little plaque with an inspiring message.

mmmmm, is it applicable?

As suggested by Julia Cameron, the Well is full!

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