Monday, March 4, 2013


This is my third attempt at trying to catch up on the last few weeks news. I keep losing my writing but here goes.

I picked up a lovely black and white feather in the passage outside my fifth floor flat and according to legend and Google, picking up a black and white feather indicates "protection"! I certainly have needed it in the past few months and when you think about it, we all need protection in different forms all the time. Medical procedures and stays in hospital have been the over riding theme for me in the past few weeks but I do not wish to dwell on these matters too much. I almost blew it by rushing my recuperation and had my specialist's long finger wagging!

With my hubby's support and good planning we were able to continue with our plans to go to Cape Town for our niece's wedding. I would not have missed this for the world and needed a change of scenery and an infusion of good energy.En route to Cape Town, we travelled through the beautiful Transkei. The roads are a nightmare with frequent road stops due to roadworks. Potholes are a constant danger too.

Kidd's beach was our first port o'call and as luck would have it, we met up with a dear friend from Big Bend days, Jill Judd. Jilly has built her dream home and has a lovely border collie as a companion which takes her for a daily walk which Jill says is about six K's long. Jill, in her upper seventies has never looked or sounded better! Good retirement decisions.

Our second stop over was in Grootbrak where my favorite aunt, Hope, lives with her retired hubby Rene. Hope teaches crafts to the local ladies and works in the Grootbrak museum. As I too am a crafter, the two of us have lots and lots to chat about while Warren and Rene go off and explore the local sites.


Eventually we arrived in the Mother city where we took p residence at the Waterfront Southern Sun Hotel, courtesy of Jeff Rosenburg a former parent from our Upland days. What wonderful luxury to relax in and to recuperate in. Thanks Jeff.Being close to the Waterfront we popped in there a few times and enjoyed all the sights and sounds it has to offer. It really is a showcase for South African crafts too and a visit to the Red Shed and the Blue shed, is loads of fun and inspiring.


" Ah but my land is beautiful" the beautiful words of Alan Paton come to mind as one drives through our South African countryside and more especially the Cape.


This was the view from our room at the hotel we gather these vehicles were part of a movie scene.


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