Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friends, nuptials and fun!

One of the many reasons we love coming "to town", is to visit with our friends. When traveling, one meets and chats to lots of interesting people but there are no friends like our "old friends" and we do enjoy seeing them and catching up with all their news. This time we were scheduled to stay with Gavin and Mary in White River.

Warren and Gav were fellow Headmasters so they have much to chat about. Mary and I, in addition to being teachers, enjoy quilting. I enjoy hearing about the Guild she belongs to and which I was part of several years ago. Mary does beautiful work and is finishing off a Round Robin she has been involved in.

Mary and Gavin have a beautiful home and their garden is simply lovely. It is big and requires a lot of hard work and dedication,but it is worth all the effort.

It was time to head off to Ansel and Kierryn's wedding. Ansel is the son our lovely friends Liz and Ed Harris. The Wedding was being held in the gardens of Hollowbrook Hotel at Casterbridge in White River followed by the reception which took place at the Magnolia Restaurant.


The marriage ceremony was held outside, round the pool . Everything and everybody looked beautiful.


The flower arrangements were outstanding. The attention to detail was amazing. The tables looked lovely too!!

Anne and Amy baked and decorated the delicious cup cakes.



The reception was held indoors which was a good thing as the wind cme up and chilled the air. The bridal party looked lovely and had loads of fun.

Ansel and Kierryn looked splendid.

It was so special seeing many of our lowveld friends and being able to catch up with them again.


It is a pity that we no longer wear hats as part of our regular wedding dress as Carol from England stole the show with her headdress!

With the cost of living soaring, wedding costs too are following suit. It really is a privilege and a pleasure to be invited to these occasions! Thank you Liz and Ed. All the best to Ansel and Kierryn. May you have many happy and cosy years together.


Thank you for a wonderful time!!


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