Friday, October 5, 2012

Pilgrims Rest.

After a few nights in the Bush, we headed to White River where I joined my friend Anne and together with her daughter Amy and Anne's sister Lynne,  we set off for Pilgrim's Rest, the venue for a Kitchen Tea. Anne did the driving and in between all the chatting I was able to enjoy the magnificent scenery en route.

The bride's parents live and work in this charming world heritage town. As a family we have been here many times over the years and it was so gratifying to see that the old world charm has been maintained and that many tourists still come to see this original gold panning site

The kitchen tea was to be held in the Lounge in the Royal Hotel. Our hostess gave us the history of the hotel and the adjoining bar. According to her info! the hotel was bought sort of mail order style and shipped over to S.A. And then reassembled here.

The decor was beautiful and it was fitting that we were served tea out of beautiful tea sets! The whole affair conjured up images of the days of Victorian elegance and good living.

People came from afar to join in this celebration and a good time was had by all. For first timers I am sure they will have left with wonderful impressions.

The bride-to-be, Kierryn and mother-in-law to be, my dear friend Liz!

I know there have been all sorts of political problems in Pilgrims Rest which I sincerely hope can be sorted out peacefully and that this very special place can continue to draw tourists from all over the world in addition to the local visitors.

I do hope I will get back to this special place for a little holiday some day.

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