Friday, July 13, 2012

Shopping in San Francisco!

Knowing my interests, Diana was eager to show me her local places of interest. This divine little shopping centre is within walking distance from home. It is an ideal distance to push the pram and the girls can cope with the walk. Our first stop has to be guessed correctly, a fabric shop!! It was having a half price sale and I got two gorgeous pieces of fabric ...yards not meters.

These two pieces have a definite African flavor!! Who could resist? Coming all this way to buy African styled fabrics is a little strange but they are stunning. I guess it's in the blood. We also popped into a bead shop and a little gift shop owned by a lovely woman from Korea.

As we had just been to Korea it was good to exchange news about the country. Molly needed to go outside so I followed her and the lady in front of us tucked her huge shopping bag under her arm and scuttled out of the shop in a most strange fashion and the next thing the security beeper which beeps if you take goods without paying went off. The owner came out and confronted the woman but she would not re enter the shop as requested but hurried to a car which was waiting for her with the engine revving!! We had just witnessed a shop lifting!!! When I popped in to see the owner a few days later she said that the thief had got away with lots of expensive goods!! How awful!


On Saturday it was a good time to go off to the city. As it is Summer Holidays here, the streets are not too busy and it was an easy drive to the city centre.

The first stop was the famous Bloomingdales. Wow! It is everything on imagines.


We were on a mission to go to the Disney shop. Hannah's birthday is coming up soon and Diana had promised her a trip to the Disney shop so she could choose her dream gift!

Molly and Hannah were able to feast their eyes on the most wonderful selection of toys ever. Oh how I wish I could be a little girl all over again. Here the two girls are asking "Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of us all?" that mirror would have a difficult time choosing!!!


There were some delightful scenes along the way.



Even a little love to spread around.

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