Saturday, July 14, 2012

Off to Maui, Hawaii!!




Much excitement reigns as we get ready to fly off to Hawaii. Diana is our tour operator and has gone to a great deal of trouble to organize this wonderful trip. Hawaii has not been on our bucket list so we are amazed to be visiting this dream destination. 


Maui is the second largest island of Hawaii and the seventeenth largest island of the U.S.A. It took five hours flying time to get here from San Francisco and I have to congratulate the children on their wonderful behavior during the trip.

Diana had organized for us to get a car at the airport and soon we were off up the coast to Ka'anapali where we were booked in at The Westin. Our accommodation consists of a full apartment and a studio. Everything was absolutely perfect with lots of swimming pools catering for the families, a small park for the children, outside cooking facilities, and best of all easy access to the sea.


The children could not wait to get into the pool and play and play and play. None of the pools are very deep so using their tubes or floaters as they call them, they are relatively safe.



Snorkeling off the beach is so easy and on the first day Christopher spotted a "Hanu" or better known as a green backed turtle. He and Molly we're able to follow it for ages down the coast with Molly angling onto the tube and getting used to her goggles. Diana spent time teaching Hannah how to snorkel too and both girls had the most amazing experience seeing the treasures under the sea.



Warren and I snorkelled and had a wonderful time but alas, no turtle.




Today is Friday the thirteenth which is unlucky for some but was lucky for us. While Warren was out snorkeling he found the "Hanu" and beckoned for me to join him. How special seeing this turtle nibbling away, unperturbed by us spying on him.


This is not my photie, but it is exactly what we saw today!!

Warren returned to the beach and then Diana joined me and as she arrived the turtle came up for air. Gulping a few times he went down and then came back up, repeating the same action five times and then he swam back to his original spot, continuing with his meal. I needed to go back to shore at this stage but Diana stayed on and the next thing she heard a chap behind her say that he could see a turtle and this was a second Hanu. Didee had a bumper sighting.



Later in the afternoon I went for a walk along the promenade as far as I could go and just loved the view along the way. Tomorrow I will explore the beach in a different direction.


Whatever direction you look you just see beauty!!








  1. Oh you lucky things! How I wish I could join you! Its cold and wet here in Amanzimtoti!!

  2. Hi Mrs Boden. Your blog is amazing. very interesting i must say. i have read every single post of yours since March and i will be checking on you, your travels and your quilts on a regular basis. You and your husband are a true inspiration. you two are truely blessed. Nomfundo Manyatsi.